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For making money online Earning extra money with online jobs There are many ways to be seen Whether online Working through the Internet and others, which is a good channel because working online. It is convenient to make money wherever it is possible. Make money online as an extra income or may be the main income of many people as well.
Which today  will introduce how to make money online That has little or no investment required But can make long-term income, which should be suitable for the economy of this situation in 2020, where the income that was previously unstable. I do not know how long the work will last, so there must be a lot of extra income. Way for self security As for how to make money online, what are some methods? Let"s see.
1. Freelance (Fastwork writing articles, language translation, key data)
Fastwork, one of the sites that freelancers must know. Because it is a website that will help you find jobs, earn money for freelancers This website will be the source of freelance career such as Graphic & Design, Marketing & Advertising, Writing & Translation, Audio & Video, Web & Programming, Consulting and Advice, Managing Online Shop and many more. A source of making money for freelancers that has it all.
How to get a job from Fastwork, just apply as a freelancer. Or members of the website Then I would like to introduce myself and introduce my work. Job contact information And most importantly, what is the rate for accepting the job Then wait for the customer to contact us through Fastwork, the process of receiving work, submitting work until receiving money. This will be done through Fastwork.
2. Trade stocks or play stocks
Many of you must have heard of raising money from stocks. Which makes money online with this method, there are moderate to very high risks It is an investment that requires a study of the economy in parallel. Playing stocks is investing Begin by opening a stock account with a bank or broker. If anyone has not heard of this term before, you can learn more about the broker as well.
The stock account is like our savings account that has to be used to buy shares for its own. Put our money in investing with a publicly traded company, that is, we are a partnership with an investment company. Will be less depending on the number of shares The amount that went down
How do we get money from earning money online this way?
The higher the value of the stock, we will profit from the difference that is multiplied by the number of stocks that go down.
Dividends arising from the dividend of the company"s performance that we have gone down Much less depends on the company"s performance and the amount of shares we have in the stock account.
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